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From now until forever.

Take it from me, if you dare...

23 January 1984
I won't say this twice.
This is...
really important.
Angel Wings...
Have you heard of them?
They're really great.
I'll only say this once, so listen up!
Angel Wings can be thrown...
by holding and releasing the B button.
A character hit by an Angel Wing...
will be......
transported back here, to Klantol Castle.
However, this does not apply to monsters, [name],
only to your comrades...
as well as...
inhabitants of the castle who are lost in a dungeon.
I won't say this again.
Make sure you try it out.
And, if you see anyone in a dungeon in need of help,
throw a wing!
I'll say this one last time...
Throw a wing.
Just try throwing one.
I don't think I need to say any more.

-Shining Soul II